Sub Zero Appliance Repair River Forest, IL

Sub Zero Technician Near Me in River Forest, IL

Sub Zero Appliance Repair meets the client’s needs in the River Forest, Illinois area. Sub Zero Repair Service cannot be repaired by most “general” handymen or repair services. The professional repair needs to be factory-trained and experienced to take care of this specialized equipment.

When to call Sub-Zero Wolf Appliance Repair in River Forest, IL

Call Immediately If:

If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms, go ahead and book a visit with a service technician:

• When you hear your refrigeration unit, your under-the-counter refrigerator, or your outdoor refrigerator is making noises you have not heard before.

• If your refrigerator is not keeping the food cold enough

• If your freezer is getting too warm and allowing food to start to thaw.

• If your ice maker is producing less icer than average.

• If you see water on the floor in the vicinity of the appliance.

• If the sides of the appliance feel warmer than normal when you touch them.

• If you smell any unusual odors coming from or inside your appliance

What We Will Do

When you call us and tell our receptionist what When you call us and inform our receptionist what our concerns are, an appointment to have a technician come check things out will be established.

This appointment will be convenient for you, and as quickly as possible, so you do not have to live without working refrigeration. The technician will arrive at your home, and after you explain your concerns, they will evaluate the appliance for health. If they find a problem, they will discuss repair scenarios with you so you can decide how you want the technician to proceed.

If parts are required, they will order approved claims and make an appointment to return and install them. Your peace of mind and your functioning appliances mean everything to us.