Sub Zero Appliance Repair Maywood IL

Sub Zero Technician Near Me

Sub Zero Repair Service serves the Maywood, Illinois communities. When you buy a Sub-Zero refrigeration unit, you invest in an appliance that is the best. You want to know that competent repair service technicians are ready to help you maintain and address any problem you may have with your appliance. Our service technicians are factory trained to work with the Sub-Zero line of appliances, specializing in the full-size units, the under-the-counter units, and the outdoor designs. We want to help you keep your device working at its most efficient level.

Extending the Life of Your Refrigerator

We know that you bought Sub-Zero because you wanted the best appliance available. That is why our factory-trained service technicians have comprised a list of things you can do to help extend the life of your refrigeration unit. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning and check schedules will increase your refrigerator’s ability to work efficiently by more than 50%.Experts in Sub-Zero appliance care design these tips but will work on almost all brands of refrigeration appliances.

Tips You Can Rely On:

• When choosing a space for your refrigeration unit, plan to leave an inch of space on all sides of the appliance. This allows for proper airflow.

• Make certain your refrigerator is sitting on a level area.

• Keep the temperature set between 38 and 40 degrees F.

• The freezer temperature should be set between o and 5 degrees F.

• Do not stack things on top of the refrigerator.

• Clean the condenser every 6 months.

DIY or Not

You can do all of the regularly scheduled maintenance on your refrigerator for yourself, or you can set up a service plan with our technician.

When a service technician comes every six months, they will clean condensers, check filters, and do a system check to ensure your unit is in top working condition.